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How to Add Resistance Bands to Your Routine | Booty Fit

April 10, 2019

If you're looking for a challenge in your workouts and want to target specific muscles while doing so, then look no further.

Resistance bands are typically overlooked when it comes to building muscle and toning when, in reality, they should be a go-to!

Fitness newbies and trainers alike love resistance bands because they're considered one of those "all-in-one" pieces of equipment that are easy to use, easy to store and even easier to travel with. So, that means if you're a jet-setter, resistance bands will keep you on track with your fitness goals and you won't even have to leave your hotel room!

Whether you have a set routine or are looking to mix things up a bit, resistance bands can easily be incorporated into your workout.

Depending on the area(s) you're hoping to strengthen, our Booty Fit resistance bands can provide you with resistance ranging from 2 kg to 11 kg. Not only that, resistance bands enable a full range of motion which can significantly impact the effectiveness of your workout.

In fact, resistance bands can be adapted to many of your current exercises, such as jumping jacks, squats, bridges, planks, hamstring curls or push-ups.

You can also get creative by using resistance bands on your favorite gym machines to challenge yourself and push the limits. If you prefer to exercise outside and happen to be a pool owner, you can even take your resistance bands into the water for an aquatic workout.

We're serious, resistance bands really are that versatile and durable. That's why it's so easy to add them to your current workout routine or, if you like, you can take up a new routine that focuses on resistance band training.